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Here at Sproutbox Garden, we are always thinking about the gardening experience of our customers. That is why we have rubber edging strips on the top of all our raised garden beds to consider your safety and comfort. Here you may purchase extra rubber edging for your creative ideas or if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Please note: Each strip of rubber edging will accommodate any of our 9 in 1 modular kits. Approximately 21 feet long.

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All garden kits come with rubber edging

Do I need to purchase rubber edging separately from my garden bed kit?

All our kits come with the appropriate amount of rubber edging to ensure coverage over the entire length of the raised garden bed. However, there may be unforeseen circumstances where one would want to replace the existing rubber edging. There is no need to purchase additional rubber edging separately unless those circumstances arose or you are getting creative beyond the scope of the typical layouts.


Each garden kit comes with multiple panels for complete autonomy of your dream garden set-up. The modular design gives you endless configurations when buying multiple sets.


The steel is 100% recyclable and made using a green manufacturing process.


The thick (0.6mm) specially coated steel is what sets us apart. Your garden kit is designed to last 3-7x longer than regular galvanized steel and has a lifespan up to 20 years.

Safe for Veggies

Our specially designed steel provides safe gardening for all your vegetables. With typical soil acidity levels hovering around neutral, there should be no concern with leaching metals into your soil.

Safe for kids

Commercial grade rubber lines the top of the garden providing a comfortable place to rest arms and hands on, while also making it safe for kids.

Comfortable Roots

Take control of your soil health with up to 32” of fresh fertile earth. The generous depth provides ample room for strong roots and healthy plants.



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