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All our raised beds are made of the top rated steel for gardens, Aluzinc- Magnesium Steel.

Our steel is Japanese designed and made for adverse and extreme conditions. Our thick (0.6mm) corrugated steel with specialized exterior coating makes it the best choice on the market for garden applications. Superior to galvanized and aluzinc steel in regards to corrosion, durability, and lifetime.

Sproutbox Garden stands out with its unbeatable combination of longevity, versatility, and safety. Our specially coated steel beds are industry-leading in strength and durability, ensuring your garden thrives for years. Our modular design allows for endless creativity, and with child and pet-friendly rounded corners and rubber edging, everyone can safely enjoy the garden.

When considering a brand or type of raised garden bed, three words are at the top of everyone's list. Longevity, versatility, and safety. Sproutbox Garden specializes in all three of these categories. We make our raised beds out of Aluzinc-Magnesium Steel, which is leading the industry in strength and durability. Our modular design provides autonomy and flexibility in the building process. Sproutbox products are safe for kids and pets with their rounded corners and commercial grade rubber edging that lines the top of each bed. Moreover, our specially designed Steel is safe for veggies, with no concern of metal leaching into the soil.

Raised bed gardening empowers you to control your garden's growing conditions, like soil type and fertilizers, ensuring optimal growth for your favourite fruits and vegetables. Plus, it's a fulfilling hobby that lets you enjoy the great outdoors and savour the pride of harvesting fresh produce straight from your garden.

Absolutely! Our specially designed Steel is safe for gardening as it requires acidity to break down the zinc coating, which is minimal in neutral garden soils. Additionally, zinc is an essential plant nutrient and a natural part of the soil.

Our Top Rated Steel beds excel in reflecting heat and quickly dissipating it through the cool soil. Proven effective in Australia's hot climate, they're perfectly suited for Canadian summers as well.

Yes, they can! ZAM steel is designed for extreme elements and can handle a full spectrum of weather conditions, including harsh Canadian winters.

The 9-in-1 kit showcases the incredible flexibility of modular gardening. It includes 8 side panels and 4 corner panels that can be configured in 9 different orientations. Our uniformly designed Sproutbox panels allow you to create a garden layout tailored to your unique vision. Check out our configuration guide for inspiration!


Placing a layer of material like cardboard or landscaping fabric at the base of your raised bed can help prevent weed growth. However, if your bed is deep enough, you won't have to worry about weeds, as they won't receive enough light to grow. Cardboard is an excellent option because it retains soil inside the container while preventing weed growth and naturally degrades to enrich the soil. To deter rodents or other burrowing pests, add a tight wire mesh at the bottom of your Sproutbox Garden.

No, Sproutbox Garden products are bottomless, making it easy to move, add to, or change your garden configuration. The bottomless design also ensures proper drainage for your garden.

Our garden kits are simple to assemble, requiring no special expertise. Each kit comes with a custom wrench and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process and ensure a successful backyard experience.

Absolutely! The modular design allows you to customize the size of your garden to suit your needs. For more information, check out our Extension Kits, which can help you expand and adapt your garden setup.

Yes, our beds work well on concrete surfaces. Just make sure to line the bottom of the bed with two continuous layers of landscaping fabric to minimize leaching and ensure soil retention.


Yes, indeed! We're delighted to provide free shipping on all orders over $499. We want to make shopping with us as convenient and hassle-free as possible.

We are happy to offer shipping services to both the USA and Canada.

Your order will be shipped from the beautiful Canadian West Coast. We aim to ensure that your order reaches you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please don't worry! It's not uncommon for orders to arrive in multiple batches. Kindly check the tracking information provided in your shipment confirmation email to monitor the progress of the remaining items.

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but unfortunately, we do not offer curbside pickup. However, please remember that we do provide free shipping on all orders over $499 to help you save on shipping costs.

While we don't have a physical storefront, we do collaborate with several retailers who carry our products. If you'd like to see our products in person, please contact us, and we'll be more than happy to direct you to a retailer in your area. Additionally, we encourage you to read customer reviews on our website to gain insight into the quality of our products.

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