Frequently Asked Questions

All our raised metal beds are made of Aluzinc Steel.
Aluzinc steel is cold rolled galvanized steel with metal coating composed of Aluminium (55%), Zinc (43.4%) and small amounts of silicon. The benefits of Aluzinc steel include: 20 year lifespan, 3-7x stronger than galvanized steel, Corrosion resistant, Advanced heat reflectivity.
When considering a brand or type of raised garden bed, three words are at the top of everyone's list. Longevity, versatility, and safety. Sproutbox Garden specializes in all three of these categories. They make their beds out of Aluzinc Steel, which is leading the industry in strength and durability. Their modular design provides autonomy and flexibility in the building process. Sproutbox products are safe for kids and pets with their rounded corners and commercial grade rubber edging that lines the top of each bed. Moreover, the Aluzinc Steel is safe for veggies, with no concern of metal leaching into the soil.
Raised bed gardening offers many advantages. For example, in a raised garden bed you have complete control over the growing conditions (e.g. soil type, fertilisers, mulch etc.), allowing you create the perfect environment for growing your favourite fruits and vegetables. Moreover, raised bed gardening is a great hobby! You get to enjoy the outdoors more often, have the pride of growing your produce, and get to enjoy deliciously fresh grown produce straight from your garden.
Yes, they’re absolutely safe for gardening use. Most garden soils are neutral and it requires acidity to break down the zinc coating, therefore there is minimal influence on your plants. Plus, zinc is an essential plant nutrient and a typical part of the soil.
All of our garden kits are easy to assemble. A custom wrench and step by step instructions are included with your garden kit to ensure a successful back yard experience. No special building expertise is required.
Aluzinc Steel has a high heat reflectivity and dissipates heat quickly through the cool soil. Plus, Australians have been using this raised gardening style for years, without issue. So the Canadian climate will be just fine.
The Aluzinc steel is a common exterior finish on homes and is designed to handle a full spectrum of weather conditions.
Yes! All Sproutbox Garden beds have rolled edges, come with a commercial grade rubber edging, rounded corners and acorn nuts for a safe & easy assembly.
No. All Sproutbox Garden products are bottomless making it easy to move, add to or change your garden configuration. The bottomless configuration also ensures proper drainage for your garden.
Some people place a layer of material, often cardboard or landscaping fabric, at the base of their raise bed to ensure weeds don’t grow in your garden. However, if your raised bed is deep enough you don’t need to worry about weeds, as they won’t have enough light to grow all the way through the soil. Adding cardboard at the bottom of the bed is a good option though, as it helps keep the soil inside the container while keeping any weeds from growing. Also, the cardboard naturally degrades, enriching the soil with more nutrition. If you have had trouble with rodents or other borrowing pests, our product will be ideal to keep them at bay. By adding a tight wire mesh at the bottom of your Sproutbox Garden, the pesky animals won't have a feasible route to your produce.
The 9 in 1 kit highlights the advantages of modular gardening. Included, are 8 side panels and 4 corner panels. Our Sproutbox panels are uniformly designed to fit together in no particular order. This gives you the autonomy to configure the panels in the orientation specific to your dreams. See configuration guide for the 9 orientations this kit can provide.
We are a Canadian company and ship within our borders.
Yes, the modular design allows you to customize the size of your garden. See our Extension Kits for more information..