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Introducing the ultimate garden accessory — The Field Bag.

What sets this garden bag apart is its multi-wear design. Wear it on your front with easy access to pick & carry freshly harvested produce or flowers. Or throw it over your shoulder on your way out to the field. The removable waterproof insert adds an extra layer of protection, allowing you to carry freshly harvested produce, wet plants, or keep your freshly cut flowers hydrated. Easily detachable for cleaning, it provides versatility and peace of mind while our out in the field.

Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, the Field Bag is made with quality hardware and premium waxed canvas, known for its water-resistant and tough-as-nails qualities. Its rugged exterior not only withstands the elements but also exudes a timeless charm that gets better with age, developing a unique patina over time.

Equipped with a large spacious interior, the bag offers ample room to accommodate all of your field harvest. The thoughtful inclusion of multiple pockets and compartments ensures organized storage, keeping everything accessible as you tend to your garden oasis.


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Each garden kit comes with multiple panels for complete autonomy of your dream garden set-up. The modular design gives you endless configurations when buying multiple sets.


The steel is 100% recyclable and made using a green manufacturing process.


The thick (0.6mm) specially coated steel is what sets us apart. Your garden kit is designed to last 3-7x longer than regular galvanized steel and has a lifespan up to 20 years.

Safe for Veggies

Our specially designed steel provides safe gardening for all your vegetables. With typical soil acidity levels hovering around neutral, there should be no concern with leaching metals into your soil.

Safe for kids

Commercial grade rubber lines the top of the garden providing a comfortable place to rest arms and hands on, while also making it safe for kids.

Comfortable Roots

Take control of your soil health with up to 32” of fresh fertile earth. The generous depth provides ample room for strong roots and healthy plants.



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