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Raised Garden Bed Kit

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This is our largest circular garden kit at 42" in diameter. It's 17" tall and designed to far outlast a wood raised bed while still looking amazing. It offers plenty of growing room for vegetables or a great flower hub for those hard working pollinators. Made of the Top-Rated Specialized Steel for gardens and complimented by stainless steel hardware and commercial grade rubber edging. It's easy to understand why Canadians are trading in their wood gardens for a Sproutbox Garden.

Eucalyptus -PRE ORDER Est. Fulfillment Mid June
Slate Grey - AVAILABLE
Pampas - PRE ORDER Est. Fulfillment Mid August

Choose Your Finish : Eucalyptus


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  • Made using the Top-Rated Steel on the market for garden applications. The thick gauge steel is hot-dipped and coated with a specialized alloy layer to maximize durability.   
  • These boxes are designed to last 3 -7x longer than galvanized steel and have a lifespan up to 20 years.
  • A rolled steel edge and a commercial grade rubber strip line the top of the box providing a comfortable place to rest arms and hands on, while also making it safe for kids. Rounded corners and acorn nuts provide additional safety considerations.
  • 17” growing depth provide sample room for strong roots and less bending over.
  • 100% recyclable metal, green manufacturing process.

I understand that Sproutbox Gardens are modular, why is the 42" circular garden not said to be modular?

It is true, Sproutbox Gardens are modular, meaning the panels can be organized in any particular order to create the specific size and shape to suit your gardening needs. The 42" circular garden is no different. One could add straight side panels to this circle, making a much larger circle, however, we suggest keeping this product to 42" so it maintains its structural integrity. We love seeing the creative creations our customers build out of multiple sets, and we encourage using the bracing rod guide when building larger gardens.

What is Aluzinc-Magnesium coated Steel?

Aluzinc-magnesium coated steel is the Top-Rated Steel on the market for garden applications. The thick gauge steel (0.6mm) is hot-dipped and coated with a specialized alloy layer to maximize durability. The benefits of this steel include: up to 20-year lifespan, 3-7x stronger than galvanized steel, high resistance to corrosion, and designed to withstand severe weather conditions.

What tools and expertise do I need to build a Sproutbox Garden kit?

All of our garden kits are easy to assemble. A custom wrench and step by step instructions are included with your garden kit to ensure a successful back yard experience. No special building expertise is required.




Each garden kit comes with multiple panels for complete autonomy of your dream garden set-up. The modular design gives you endless configurations when buying multiple sets.


The steel is 100% recyclable and made using a green manufacturing process.


The thick (0.6mm) specially coated steel is what sets us apart. Your garden kit is designed to last 3-7x longer than regular galvanized steel and has a lifespan up to 20 years.

Safe for Veggies

Our specially designed steel provides safe gardening for all your vegetables. With typical soil acidity levels hovering around neutral, there should be no concern with leaching metals into your soil.

Safe for kids

Commercial grade rubber lines the top of the garden providing a comfortable place to rest arms and hands on, while also making it safe for kids.

Comfortable Roots

Take control of your soil health with up to 32” of fresh fertile earth. The generous depth provides ample room for strong roots and healthy plants.



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