December 13, 2021

Why Canadian Gardeners are all Talking About Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening has taken Canada by storm in recent years. It’s easy to see the appeal, with raised beds making it easier to grow your favourite plants, even when space is limited in the garden.

We sell a range of quality modular raised garden beds that make raised bed gardening even simpler. Needing no construction, you simply twist a few nuts in place, fill with the right soil, and you’re ready to start your raised bed garden!

Still unsure what the fuss is about? Let’s take a closer look at why Canadian gardeners are all talking about raised bed gardening:

Longer Growing Seasons

Raised bed gardening lets Canadian gardeners extend their growing season by several weeks, possibly longer depending on the location. This is because raised beds can be insulated using covers, allowing you to keep growing certain crops for longer periods.

For example, a fleece cover can help keep out the cold through autumn, letting you grow certain vegetables for longer without needing a greenhouse. Canada’s weather is often unforgiving to many crops, so being able to protect them against the elements is a great advantage.

Perfect for Deep and Shallow-Rooted Vegetables

Raised bed gardening offers the perfect growing conditions for deep rooted vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes. This is because raised beds can be filled with 17” of soil, saving the hassle of digging deep into the ground.

Plus, because raised beds offer so much depth, you can also plant shallow root plants alongside the deeper-rooted plants without them competing for space.

Growing Plants is Much Easier

You can grow all kinds of plants here in Canada, providing you have the right growing conditions. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the best soil! Things like weeds, poor nutrients, and all kinds of pests can make growing plants in the ground quite challenging.

With a raised bed, you have complete control over the growing conditions for plants. You can fill it with the perfect soil composition for whatever you want to grow, ensure it has the best drainage, and position it somewhere that it gets enough light.

This all makes growing plants so much easier. You’ll be weeding less, doing away with pesticides, and be able to grow healthy plants with relative ease.  

Space to Grow in Smaller Gardens

Growing plants, especially vegetables, requires a lot of space in the garden. However, not everyone in Canada has the largest garden, especially those in urban areas in cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

One solution to a lack of growing space is raised bed gardening!

Raised beds use their height to provide more growing space, even in compact gardens.  Even a few raised beds in a tight garden offer enough space for lots of plants and flowers. This allows people with smaller gardens the chance to enjoy all the joys of gardening! 

Easier on the Body

Canadians with back aches or poor mobility are often limited in their gardening ability. Thankfully, raised bed gardening is not too demanding, as the height of the beds mean you don’t need to bed over constantly.

This significantly reduces aches and pains associated with gardening, something that many find quite off putting. The less strenuous gardening is on the body, the more enjoyable it becomes!


If you want to see what all the fuss is about with raised bed gardening in Canada, be sure to check out Sproutbox Garden’s modular raised beds!