January 02, 2022

What Does Sproutbox Garden and Alphonso Davies Have in Common

Here at Sproutbox Garden, Canadian soccer star Alphonso Davies has been the talk of the office. It’s likely a common thing at workplaces throughout Canada, with Davies spearheading a generational talent of players that could see the Canadian national team qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

While on the topic of Davies, we had a fun chat about what does raised bed gardening and Alphonso Davies have in common? Here are some of our favorite answers!

A Career That Started in Vancouver

Sproutbox Garden was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, where our office remains to this day. As one of the largest cities in Canada, Vancouver has been the starting place of many impressive careers, including Alphonso Davies.

After playing for several amateur teams in his hometown of Edmonton, Davies would join the Vancouver White Caps academy in 2015 at just 14 years of age

By 15, Davies had signed a professional contract with Whitecaps FC 2 in the United Soccer League (USL), the reserve team for MLS team the Vancouver Whitecaps. At 15 years and 3 months, he is the youngest ever player to sign a USL contract!

Top Quality

Alphonso Davies is on his way to becoming the most naturally talented Canadian soccer player of all time. At just 21 years old, the Bayern Munich left back is widely considered one of the next big talents in world football.

He has already won various honors in European football, including 3 Bundesliga titles and the UEFA Champions League, playing a key role in his team’s success over the past few seasons.

His quality is well known amongst soccer purists, with high regard for his ability to dribble, cross, and create various chances for his teammates.

Here at Sproutbox Garden, we feel our products exude similar levels of quality! Our raised beds are made from premium quality components to guarantee unrivalled quality – much like Alphonso Davies’ skill on the pitch!


Another similarity between Sproutbox Garden and Alphonso Davies is their impressive versatility. Our products are modular, meaning, they can be installed in any particular order to provide the size and shape that fits your dream garden. Moreover, our raised beds can be used in various settings to grow all kinds of produce, from fruit and vegetables to flowers and shrubs.

Davies showcases similar levels of versatility, being known for his ability to play several positions. As a left sided fullback, Davies offers the perfect balance between high intensity attacking and reliable defending.

Sometimes he plays further up the field as a left winger, putting his incredible attacking talent to great use. He can even play as a left-wing back, a unique combination of attacking winger and fullback utilized in certain formations.

A Bright Future Ahead

Despite already winning some of the top honors in European soccer, Alphonso Davies has a bright future ahead of him. He’s already won the Champions League (aged just 18) and looks set to pick up many more winner’s medals in various club competitions over the next decade.

We feel our raised garden beds offer a similarly bright future, helping countless Canadians embrace a more sustainable lifestyle!


Be sure to check out Sproutbox Garden’s range of raised garden bed products today!