December 13, 2021

The Planet Loves Raised Bed Gardening, and So Will You

Here at Sproutbox Garden, we are passionate about raised bed gardening. We feel it’s one of the most fulfilling ways to garden, while also being incredibly accessible to gardeners of all experience levels.

With a stylish raised bed in your garden, the space doesn’t just look better it also helps the environment in many ways. But it is not just the planet that loves raised bed gardening either!

We are confident that anyone that tries raised bed gardening will fall in love with it too!

Why the Planet Loves Raised Bed Gardening

When we say the planet loves raised bed gardening, we are referencing the positive environmental impact this method offers. Raised bed gardening, and all types of gardening, help the environment in a variety of ways.

For example, growing plants in raised beds, you provide them with great growing conditions. This results in large, healthy plants that look great and produce all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

With more healthy plants in your garden, you’re doing your bit for the environment! Plants draw in carbon monoxide and replace it with oxygen. The more plants in the world, the lower the carbon levels remain, helping to minimize the impact that carbon emissions have.

Plus, with raised bed gardening you become more self-sufficient. Raised beds make it easy to grow all kind of fruits and vegetables, and when these produce seeds you can start the process over every season.

By growing all this produce at home, you buy less at the supermarket, reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Why You Will Love Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is an incredibly fulfilling hobby to pursue. The satisfaction of growing your own plants, be it fruits, vegetables, flowers, or shrubs, is unlike anything else.

As if the pride of growing your own things wasn’t enough, you’re likely to save a few dollars because you’re buying less plants and vegetables from stores.

Moreover, getting outside in the fresh air and enjoying nature has a notable impact on your mental health. You’re likely to feel more connected with nature, being more relaxed as you go about your gardening tasks.

It’s a simple pleasure that many people overlook. Tending to your raised bed each day helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. You concentrate on the tasks at hand and become more engaged with your local nature. 

For example, you may find yourself studying local soil compositions, birds, and insects, and how these interact with your garden. 

Starting a new hobby like raised bed gardening is also going to have some benefits of on your physical wellbeing. You’ll find yourself walking around the garden more and generally increasing your physical health, improving your body as well as your mind! 


Looking to get started in raised bed gardening? We highly recommend trying out our 17" 9in1 Garden Kit from Sproutbox Garden! Made from durable Aluzinc steel, this raised bed offers the perfect growing conditions for easy raised bed gardening.  


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