January 07, 2022

Seven Reasons Why Your Grandparents Loves Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is a popular hobby amongst many Canadians, especially retirees! With more free time available, it’s easy to see why so many elderly people love to spend time in the garden.

You get to enjoy the fresh outdoors, feel the warm of the sun on your face, and hear all the sounds of nature as you go about your gardening tasks. Of course, grandparents often have more physical considerations than before, which is why so many are trying their hand at raised bed gardening!

Here are seven reasons why your grandparents love raised bed gardening:

Easier on the Body

One of the main advantages that raised bed gardening offers people of any age is its low impact on the body. Unlike ground beds, raised beds are several feet about the ground so you don’t need to constantly bed over to work on them.

This has obvious benefits on the body, being far less strenuous on the back and joints. Elderly gardeners can therefore enjoy longer periods of gardening without feeling the impact on their body!

Help Stay in Shape

While raised bed gardening is low impact on the body, it still encourages enough movement to maintain good physical health. Any grandparent cultivating a raised bed garden each day will maintain good flexibility, mobility, strength, and endurance.

This contributed to maintaining great physical health!

Versatile Gardening

We all have our own preferences when it comes to gardening. Some people want to grow fruits and vegetables, while others prefer vibrant flower beds or lots of foliage. The great thing about raised bed gardening is you can grow anything you want inside the beds!

Raised beds are incredibly versatile growing mediums. You can fill them with any type of soil and control the nutrients within, making it possible to grow virtually anything you can think of.

So, your grandparents can easily grow whatever they might want, whether it’s fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, shrubs, or a bit of everything!

Simple to Maintain

Raised bed gardening eliminates most of the challenges of successfully growing plants. Because the beds are raised off the ground, they become much easier to maintain over the season.

Weeds become far less prominent, and pests won’t attack plants as often, so grandparents get to focus on growing healthy plants!

A Stylish Addition to a Garden

If your grandparents love gardening, chances are they have a beautifully styled outdoor space. Raised beds are an attractive addition to any garden, providing a neat, tidy aesthetic while also adding depth.

They can quickly transform drab gardens with minimal effort too, allowing people to enjoy their outdoor space without needing too much work done. 

A Great Way to Bond

Whether they are gardening together, with a friend, or a grandchild, raised bed gardening offers plenty of chances to socialize and bond with others.

For instance, grandparents can bond with their grandchildren when raised bed gardening together. They can teach younger kids about gardening, the environment, and sustainability, while creating lasting memories of the experience.

Get Close to Nature

Even the smallest gardens offer a little slice of nature, and this is something people of any age can enjoy. Your grandparents love the smells, sights, and sounds emanating from their garden, making it a worthwhile experience for most.

They get the chance to stop and smell the flowers, pick fresh fruit from homegrown plants, and sit back and soak up all the garden has to offer.


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