January 07, 2022

Health Benefits to Vegetable Gardening in Raised Beds

Growing vegetables has never been easier with raised bed gardens. The raised bed offers the perfect growing conditions for most vegetables, with the ability to adjust soil levels and composition to grow just about anything you want.

In just a single raised bed you have enough space to grow several types of vegetables at any time. Moreover, if you plan your seasonal planting correctly, you can have fresh vegetables growing throughout the seasons!

If that wasn’t incentive enough to try a spot of vegetable gardening in raised beds, you could gain various health benefits at the same time! Let’s take a closer look at some surprising health benefits you can expect when vegetable gardening in raised beds:

Easier on the Body

As the name suggests, raised beds let you grow things above the ground. While this lets you control most of the growing conditions for a more bountiful harvest, it also makes gardening less strenuous on the body.

For example, our veggie safe Aluzinc steel raised beds stand between 17-32” in height. This makes them significantly easier to reach when tending to the vegetables, as you don’t need to crouch down when planting and cultivating in the ground.

As a result, your back won’t feel as much strain when growing your vegetables! Many gardeners complain about the aches and pains associated with constantly bending over, so a raised bed helps to avoid this. 

Keep You Physically Active

While you won’t be bending over as much when growing veggies in a raised bed, you will have lots of gardening tasks to tend to as they grow. This includes things like watering the plants, adding soil top ups and treatments, pruning and other general plant maintenance.

All of this adds to a fair amount of physical exercise, which is only a good thing for your body! The more physically active your body is from vegetable gardening, the better shape you get in. Just a few months of regular gardening in your raised vegetable bed will leave you feeling in great shape!

Improved Mental Wellbeing

Vegetable gardening in a raised bed won’t just improve physical health – it also improves mental health!

Spending time outside gardening is known to help reduce stress and anxiety. You become focused on the gardening tasks, helping to take your thoughts off all the stresses that life throws at us. Plus, being outside brings a closer connection to nature, helping us feel more mindful.

Just spend a few hours outside tending to your vegetables and you’ll immediately notice an improve mood. It’s a relaxing, peaceful experience that has a surprisingly profound impact on our mental well being.

Vegetables for a Healthier Diet

It’s an obvious one, but growing more vegetables means eating more vegetables! We tend to eat more of our homegrown produce due to the time and effort put into growing it. There is nothing more rewarding than eating food fresh from the garden!

Adding more vegetables to your diet is one of the best ways to improve your physical health. Vegetables are packed with nutrients and offer countless health benefits depending on what you’re eating, giving you all the incentive you need to start growing more in your raised beds!


If you want to enjoy the various health benefits of growing vegetables in raised beds, be sure to check out Sproutbox Garden’s Aluzinc steel raised beds!