January 07, 2022

Why Raised Bed Gardening is Worth Your Time and Money

Raised bed gardening is becoming increasingly popular throughout Canada. As the name suggests, raised bed gardening is the process of using raised beds to grow various plants in the garden.

But why are raised bed gardens so popular? Are they worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look to see why raised bed gardening is certainly worth your time and money!

More Growing Space

Raised bed gardening allows you to grow huge volumes of crops. This is because the beds offer more depth for soil, so you can grow a wide variety of crops in a tight space. Roots have space to grow without competing with each other. Raised beds also provide the advantage of  growing your plants at various depths.

For example, a single modular raised bed offers enough space for all kinds of vegetables. You could easily have enough space for several seasonal vegetables at a time, allowing you to grow food throughout the year.

If you are interested in growing things in your garden but lack enough planting space, a raised bed offers the perfect solution.

Save You Money

While it may take some time to become fully sustainable from raised bed gardening, it is certainly possible over the long-term. In just a few seasons you could find yourself with lots of freshly grown fruits and vegetables, all of which go straight into your kitchen.

As a result, you’ll find yourself making fewer trips to the grocery store for fruits and vegetables, helping to save a surprising amount of money. If you do this over the long-term, the savings only become higher.

Be sure, when considering what type of raised bed to choose, that it promises a long life. The longer the raised bed lasts, the less often you will have to pay to replace it.

It is Easier to Grow Crops in Raised Beds

One of the major advantages of raised bed gardening is having complete control over growing conditions. Because the beds are built upwards from the ground and filled with a growing medium, you aren’t at the mercy of the soil in the ground.

This means you can create the ideal growing environment for anything you want to grow in a raised bed. You can use several types of soils and nutrients, create proper drainage, and encourage the best growth conditions possible.

This makes growing vegetables and other crops so much easier.

An Attractive Fixture in Your Garden

A raised bed does not just add functionality to your garden – it offers a stylish addition that makes your outdoor space more attractive.

This is because raised beds help provide structure to any landscape. The spaces where they are added become neat and tidy, and you can use beds to style your garden in many ways. Paths appear tidier, fewer weeds are likely to grow, and the garden becomes much easier to maintain.

You can grow anything you want inside the beds, whether it is perennial flowers and shrubs or your next side dish or dessert. This makes it easy to create beautiful beds filled with plants that add that wow-factor to your garden.



Be sure to check out Sproutbox Garden’s modular raised garden beds if you are interested in raised bed gardening. Made from Aluzinc steel for added durability and a 20 plus year lifespan, their products are a great option for anyone looking to start raised bed gardening.


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